Mae, Dearest Mae, performed by Otis Kuykendall


Mae, Dearest Mae, performed by Otis Kuykendall


NC Jukebox Collection


Recorded on July 18,1939. In Asheville, Buncombe County, North Carolina.


Come darkies, listen to me, a story I'll relate
That happened in the valley of the old Carolina state.
'Way down in the meadow I use to mow the hay
I always worked the harder when I thought of lovely Mae.

Oh Mae, dearest Mae, you're as lovely as the day,
Your eyes so bright, they shine at night
When de moon am gone away.

Ol' Massa gibe me a holiday, I wish you'd gibe more.
I thank you very kindly to shove my boat from shore.
Then gently down the river with my heart so light and free
To the cottage of the dearest Mae I long so much to see.

On de banks of de riber, de trees day hang so low,
De coons among de branches play, while de mink remains below.
And there is de spot where Mae she looked so neat,
Her eyes day sparkled like de stars and her lips are red and sweet.


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