Faye Watson

Faye Watson's Grave

Faye Watson's Grave

Faye Watson was born as Vetra Faye Watson on December 31, 1923 in Wilkes County, NC. Though her official name is "Vetra Faye Watson" she appreas in the FCB Collection as "(Miss) Faye Watson." She was born to her father, Geo Marshall Watson, and her mother, Lester Miller. Both her father and mother were white and North Carolina born. Her father was born in about 1897. In 1930, he and his family lived in a rented house in Boone, Watauga County, NC. They did not live on a farm, nor did they have a radio set in their household. He was a Clergyman in a Baptist church and later became a Minister. Her mother was born in about 1902.  As the wife of Geo Marshall Watson, she was a homemaker. In addition to her parents, Faye Watson also lived with her 3 siblings: her older brother Bynum Watson, her older sister Alma Viola Watson, and her younger brother Glenn H Watson. In 1940, the Watson family relocated to Elk, Watauga County, NC.

On April 7, 1945, Faye Watson got married at the age of 21 to a white man named William Lester Deal in Watauga County, NC, becoming Vetra Faye Deal or Faye Watson Deal. William Lester Deal was born November 17, 1917 and was 27 years old when he married Faye. He died January 6, 1992 in Boone, Watauga County, NC at age 74, leaving Faye widowed. He was buried in Cove Creek Cemetery in Watauga County, NC, and according to the inscription on his gravestone, he was a member of the US Navy in World War II. Faye died over a decade later on March 26, 2003 at the age of 79. She was a hospital inpatient at Watauga Hospital at the time of her death, though the cause of death is unknown. She died in Boone, Watauga County, NC and was buried alongside her husband in Cove Creek Cemetery. 

Faye Watson was a teenage student at ASTC. She, along with Earlina Greene, C. Michaels, and Edith Walker, were all reported by Frank Brown to be students at ASTC in Boone, NC. ASTC stands for Appalachian State Teachers' College, or the previous name for what is now Appalachian State University. However, according to her North Carolina death index, Faye Watson never attended college. Her death index states that she attended school only through twelfth grade. That in itself is impressive for the time and place she lived, and considering that her father attended school through only seventh grade and that her mother attended school through only third grade. Faye clearly outdid her parents in terms of education. However, according to Frank Brown, Faye Watson was a student at college. Perhaps Faye Watson was never enrolled as a student at ASTC, but rather had a connection to ASTC through student friends, a plausible hypothesis given that she lived in Boone, NC, where ASTC is located.  Perhaps Frank Brown mistakenly attributed Faye as an enrolled student.

Faye Watson gives a good overview about family life and educational attainment in early to mid twentieth century Appalachia. Read about family here and education here.

Faye Watson recorded two songs in the FCB Collection: "Christmas Song" and "Pretty Polly." Both were recorded in August in Boone, Watauga County, North Carolina.