Mr. and Mrs. Stamey


Mr. and Mrs. Stamey


Mr. Stamey (Ephraim Stamey) and Mrs. Stamey (Jane Stamey) were a married couple living in Altamont, Avery County, North Carolina from the 1910s through the 1930s. They seemed to have never moved their house. They were white and earned their livings as farmers. Their race would be very related to one of the characteristics of religion in Appalachian mountain. Click on the link below this subject to see the detailed information for religion in Appalachian mountain.

Even though Mr. Stamey's family had stayed in one place, Altamont, there had been a dramatic change in its household members for three decades.

In the 1930s, With Mr. and Mrs. Stamey, there were another two household members, one of whom is Leola Farthing and the other is Ormond Farthing. The reason why Leola and Ormond had different last names from Mr. Stamey's was that they were stepchildren.

However, in the 1920s, there was another household member whose name was Mable Stamey. She was a daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Stamey, who was born in the same year as the 1920s census was recorded. The existence of Mable Stamey in the 1920s record makes us wonder why she was not recorded in the 1930s record, even in the 1940s.

The grave records of Mr. and Mrs. Stamey helped us know that there was nothing wrong in the census data. Mrs. Stamey remarried with Mr. Stamey after her first husband, Mr. James Farthing, passed away. Leola and Ormond were children between Mrs. Stamey and Mr. James Farthing. As Mable Stamey was a daughter between Mr and Mrs. Stamey, she would be a half sibling with Leola and Ormond. The reason why Mable Stamey was not recorded from the 1930s was that she sadly died so young.

Seven songs which Mr. and Mrs. Stamey gave Professor. Frank Brown were included in Frank Brown's collection while two songs, "The lone pilgrim" and "The model church", were excluded from. The fact that two excluded songs were religious songs is the start of tracing the history of the religion in Appalachian mountain where Mr. Stamey's family.

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